cubicweb #1772122 duplicate-instance cubicweb-ctl command [open]

To avoid the relatively common use of :

cp /etc/cubicweb.d/myinstance /etc/cubicweb.d/myinstance2 vim /etc/cubicweb.d/myinstance2/all-in-one.conf #change port and instance name

it would be nice to have a command for that. Duplicate instance would take an existing instance as an argument and ask a few questions on mainly changed attributes (pyro-instance-id, port, ). Some adaptations could be automatic for example pid-file and log-file could be generated from new-instance-name.

The last question could be "Do you want to customize another attribute ?" and if yes then list the available attributes to be modified.

This would be ultra useful for deployments in load balanced architectures.

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