cubicweb #1772134 'RQL2LDAPFilter object has no attribute visit_exists [deprecated]

the method that triggers the problem is:

def get_reviews(self, login=''):
    rql = ('Any R,P,PS,PO,PB,T,V ORDERBY RT,PB,PO '
           'WHERE P originator PO, P branch PB, P in_state PS, '
           'P patch_repository R, R title RT, '
           '(EXISTS(PS name "pending-review", P patch_reviewer U, U login %(u)s)) OR '
           '(EXISTS(PS name IN("reviewed", "deleted"), '
           '(EXISTS(R repository_committer U, U login %(u)s)) OR '
           '(EXISTS(U in_group G, G name "committers")))), '
           'P patch_ticket T?, T done_in V?')
    return self.execute(rql, {'u': login})
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