cubicweb #1799997 creation form field vocabulary improvement using __linkto infos [resolved]

__linkto provided informations can be used to further refine creation form vocabulary. Example based on the following schema:

class works_in(RelationDefinition):
    subject = 'CWUser'
    object = 'Lab'
    cardinality = '1*'
    constraints = [RQLConstraint('S in_group G, O welcomes G')]

class welcomes(RelationDefinition):
    subject = 'Lab'
    object = 'CWGroup'

If we create a CWUser in the "scientists" CWGroup (using __linkto=ingroup:XXX:subject where XXX is the group eid), only the labs that welcome them should be proposed in the "works_in" selection widget.

A string-based implementation was performed in the Pylos project, but since this ticket is now implemented, it can be ported and improved, using the syntax tree used in "unrelated" method.

done in3.14.0
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closed by#64639bc94e25 [entity] restrict creation form field vocabulary using __linkto information (closes #1799997)