cubicweb #1947456 ORM should not try to re-fetch initiator relation/entity [open]

Considering the following schema:

class Person(EntityType):
    lastname = String()
    works_for = SubjectRelation('Company', cardinality='1*')

class Company(EntityType):
    name = String()

the following entity classes:

class Person(AnyEntity):
    fetch_attrs = ('lastname', 'works_for')

class Company(AnyEntity):
    fetch_attrs = ('name',)

and the following ORM query mycompany.reverse_works_for, the generated RQL will be (approximatively):

Any X,AA,AB,AC WHERE E eid %(x)s, X works_for E, X lastname AA, X works_for AB?, AB name AC

In that case, the originator relation/entity (i.e. E/works_for) should not be considered by the ORM and the RQL query should be something like:

Any X,AA WHERE E eid %(x)s, X works_for E, X lastname AA
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