cubicweb #2054605 cwetype-facet error [resolved]

On a forge, using fulltext search, I get a list of results, I then use the cwtype facet and get the following error:

Any X ORDERBY FTIRANK(X) DESC WHERE X has_text "libellé", X is IN(BaseTransition, CWUser, Card, Comment, Email, EmailThread, ExtProject, File, Folder, License, MailingList, Order, Patch, Project,
ProjectEnvironment, State, Tag, Task, TestConfig, TestInstance, Ticket, Transition, Version, VersionedFile, WorkOrder, Workflow, WorkflowTransition), X is Comment
** can only one type restriction per variable (use IN for X if desired)

I guess this is related to #1988776. The facet should probably remove the X is restriction.

Another side-effect of this "feature" is to have a different RQL in the rql search bar ($('#rql')) than in the rql url parameter.

done in3.13.10
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