cubicweb #2055436 have a mecanism allowing view param transport in ui loops [deprecated]

Some views cooperate with others, e.g: facets or navigation will repeatedly re-call list, table or whatever ... These "inner" views may have various input values that are currently lost across calls.

For instance, there used to be a dedicated "vidargs" parameter to carry on table view configuration across facet form initiated calls; unfortunately the navigation component knows nothing about "vidargs", hence losing table config information when it initiates a table call itself.

The current workaround to preserve "configuration" (static/unchanging across call) values is to have e.g. a subclass of the table view with the specific parameters for each combination of configuration, but this can become burdensome, and also is incomplete (changing values definitely get lost).

Hence, there should be a generic way to pass call arguments across calls (post/ajax) that work orthogonally/along with whatever "outer" control view is involved.

There might be restrictions on the value types (e.g only things that have a proper json de/serialization) of course.

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