cubicweb #2276662 Improve self.login and self.assertRaises CM interaction in test cases [open]

In CubicWebTC the context managers returned by self.login and self.assertRaises do not play well (or at least intuitively) with each other. We would like to write

with self.login(user) as cur:
    with self.assertRaises(...) as cm:
    self.assertXXX( cm.exception, ...)
    .... # other tests

But we can't because the expected exception will let the connection in the uncommitable state, which will raise a QueryError('connection needs to be rollbacked'). A solution is to add a `self.rollback() just before the other tests.

This is no bug but a very common error in writting tests. We propose to enhance the self.login CM to issue a specific message in this case.

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