cubicweb-vcreview #2324576 Avoid to review again a patch just rebase [validation pending]

When rebasing a patch it is automatically switched back to state in-progress as if it were modified. We could (should?) add a rebased keyword (like folded, applied, ...) to tell vcreview not to do the switching in such a case and let it in state pending-review or reviewed.

This might open a hole in enforcing the review policy but should lower the level of noise, especially with the evole worklow which introduces a lot of rebase.

done in0.10.0
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closed by#01547f13859f add a rebases keyword to preserve the CWPatch' state (closes #2324576), #e3bb1799a86a Do not change patch state on trivial rebase (closes #2324576)
patchDo not change patch state on trivial rebase (closes #2324576) [applied]