cubicweb #2447525 Unable to find modules in 'user' mode [rejected]

Under Ubuntu 12.04 (got the same error with Debian squeeze also) :

Since the last upgrade of CW in 3.15.1-1 and python-logilab-common in 0.58.1-1, I cannot use cubicweb-ctl in 'user' mode:

ERROR:cubicweb.configuration:could not import the command provider web/ Unable to find module for /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cubicweb/web/ in /usr/share/cubicweb, (...) (the same error repeats for etwist/, server/, devtools/

Falling back to the previous version of python-logilab-common (0.58.0), everything gets into order.

done in3.15.3
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