cubicweb-forge #247390 Cut a ticket between two versions [open]

Often, when dealing with tickets between versions, I find myself wanting to do the following operation :

  • the ticket is evaluated to 5 days
  • 3 days have already been done on the ticket and so 2 days are left
  • I want to validate the ticket at that stage
  • and have a copy with the remaining charge (2 days) as the remainder
  • the title could be appended with [1/2] and [2/2] for the copied ticket
  • the copied ticket would be included in the following version

This can be really useful for longish and general tickets, specially for internal projects that are planned on time periods, this way you leave a trace of what has been done (partially) in that period.

On client projects, it could be useful for tickets such as "optimize the server" which makes sense implementing one bit at a time over a long period. Keeping a trace of the work done is then pretty important.

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