cubicweb-condor #2502498 Add a debug pool section in condor jobs view [done]

The current view "Condor status" in "Condor Management" does not take into account the creds settings when showing available slots.

(ie, if a machine did not receive the required creds, it is still shown in the view)

The view should be completed by the result of the following command:

condor_status -f "%s\t" Name -f "%s\n" ifThenElse(isUndefined(LocalCredd),\"UNDEF\",LocalCredd)

Please make sure the query works for additional non-master submitters (like secundary CW server in case of load-balancing)

done in0.3.0
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closed by#3e438ef2e3a2 [views] add a `debug pool` section in condor views (closes #2502498)