cubicweb-vcreview #2533303 Make reviewer list attached to a project configurable [open]

For now, we have one hardcoded "reviewers" group, which cannot be "bypassed" on a given project.

We should manage reviewer groups without any hardcoded relation/constraint. In my point of view:

  • there should be one default "reviewers" CWGroup,
  • there should be a "reviewed_by" (or similar) relation between a reviewed project and a CWGroup,
  • upon creation of a project (or upon configuration of a project for it being reviewed), a hook may create a relation between the project and the default reviewers group,
  • this relation can be later modified by the project manager
  • there should also be a "reviewed_by" relation between the reviewed project an a CWUser (so one can add a given user as reviewer for a project).
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