cubicweb-brainomics #2583915 importers/ not tested with NoHookRQLObjectStore [done]

The import script currently doesn't work with NoHookRQLObjectStore - it guess it works with SQLGenObjectStore.

  File "/home/brainomics/localizer/cubes/brainomics/importers/", line 437, in <module>
    store.relate(measure.eid, 'concerns', subject.eid, 'GenomicMeasure')
TypeError: relate() takes exactly 4 arguments (5 given)

Also the 5th argument of relate() (inlined) is supposed to be a boolean as far as I can understand from the relevant CubicWeb code, which by the way is not properly documented. Not a big deal since this 5th argument looks like it is not used by CubicWeb, but it raises questions about what the code in importers/ is it doing what it is supposed to be doing?

See also tickets #2583909 and #2583883.

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patch[importers] Deals with different relate signature for store, (closes #2583915) [rejected]