cubicweb #2715913 cubicweb-ctl exlog --help [done]

The output of cubicweb-ctl exlog looks like:

Percentage;Cumulative Time (clock);Cumulative Time (CPU);Occurences;Query
29.77;19.49;0.13;4;DISTINCT Any D,D ORDERBY D WHERE X is Scan, X concerns A, B concerns A, B is_instance_of C, C name D None

This is quite different from the documentation:

will print out the following table

  total execution time || number of occurences || rql query

The documentation need to be fixed accordingly.

Also please specify units (seconds) and handle l10n (comma instead of decimal point).

done in3.15.11
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closed by#5d08086c3e6d [cmd] fix exlog documentation (closes #2715913)
patch[cmd] fix exlog documentation (closes #2715913) [folded]