cubicweb #2718257 /etc/logrotate.d/cubicweb-ctl: log files belong to root:adm [waiting feedback]

This ticket is related to ticket #2714093

We start system instances by running cubicweb-ctl from a brainomics account instead of the root account. I have nevertheless created a /var/log/cubicweb directory assigned to brainomics:brainomics.Then files all-in-one.conf are typically modified as follows for all instances:

# file where output logs should be written

When logrotate kicks in, new log files belong to root:adm as defined in /etc/logrotate.d/cubicweb-ctl. This obviously breaks our use case.

  • Please bear with me if I'm wrong, but I'm not certain the logrotate rules are documented. It would help if they were documented somewhere in the administration manual.
  • When we reinstall our CubicWeb server, I will most probably switch to your standard way of doing things: running cubicweb-ctl as root and relying on cubicweb-ctl to switch to a different user based on main.uid. I would suggest documenting that starting instances in a different way may break things. Again bear with me but I think this is not clearly documented.
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