cubicweb #2732947 facets items are not properly reordered [validation pending]

when one select then unselect some facet items, they ends up usually in an unproper order.

Currently, when one select an item, this item is moved to the top of the facet. This is the fact you seem to argue (and I agree it is arguable), but not the purpose of the patch.

When one "deselect" a selected item, it should go back to its previous position. Though this is not properly working and this patch fix this.

done in3.16.4
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closed by#e80dfffc2c2a [facet js] fix reordering of facet check boxes. Closes #2732947
patch[facet js] fix reordering of facet check boxes by using facetCheckBoxReorder. Closes #2732947 [applied]