cubicweb #2772958 dropping 3.7 compat [validation pending]

I suggest dropping API deprecated since 3.7

  • [3.7] entity["eid"] = value is deprecated, use entity.eid = value instead
  • cubicweb.utils.merge_dicts is deprecated
  • jsoncall argument to add_onload
  • session.cmd_deactivate_verification_hooks and cmd_reactivate_verification_hooks
  • session.is_super_session and actual_session
  • [3.7] execute is now unsafe by default in hooks/operation. You can also control security with the security_enabled context manager
  • [3.7] _cw_unsafe argument is deprecated, now unsafe by default, control it using cw_[read|write]_security.
  • dataimport module [3.7] checkpoint() deprecated. use commit() instead
  • dataimport module on find, build_index and build_rqlindex method "[3.7] index support will disappear"
done in3.17.0
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closed by#cdab3aadc679 [migration] mark all version prior 3.7 as non-migrable
patch[migration] mark all version prior 3.7 as non-migrable [applied]