cubicweb-brainomics #3007544 genetics files should not be read by subject [deprecated]

In neuroimaging, each subject comes with its own set of files.

Nothing like that in genomics: there is a single set of BED/BIM/FAM files per dataset, not per subject.

Fix all importers/schema accordingly. More specifically, in the localizer importer, information should be extracted from a global BED/BIM/FAM file:
- one should probably check for the presence of subject identifier in the FAM file,
- the "filepath" attribute coould point to the global BED file.

Fix cubicweb-genomics schema accordingly:
- the "filepath" does not really make sense as is : maybe "filepath" could point to the BED file common to all subjects, or maybe a GenomicsDataset entity should be created,
- an additional attribute could contain the identifier of the subject in the BED file, in case the identifier is different from the identifier in the Subject entity.

done in0.8.0
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patchStore the BED file path, it seems more important that the BIM file [applied]Switch from individual to global BED / BIM / FAM files. [applied]