cubicweb #3063930 autoform should allow to override permissions check [validation pending]

The following situation:

class Executable(EntityType):

class ParameterDefinition(EntityType):
  parameter_of = SubjectRelation('Executable', cardinality='1*',
                                 inlined=True, composite='object',
                                 __permissions__= {
                 'read':   ('managers', 'users', 'guests',),
                 'add':    ('managers', RRQLExpression('U has_update_permission O'),),
                 'delete': ('managers', RRQLExpression('U has_update_permission O'),),})

where the relation parameter_of cannot be created until the Executable exists, cannot be handled in AutomaticEntityForm (see rdef.has_perm(self._cw, 'add'...) in inlined_form_views.

done in3.18.0
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closed by#2ed0d091e9b1 [autoform] Allow overridding of permissions checks
patch[autoform] Allow overridding of permissions checks [applied]