cubicweb-blog #310620 blog syndication aka planet [open]

here is an example of LinkedData use.

CubicWeb sites using the blog components can publish blogs using the SIOC vocabulary.

Let us add a BlogAggregator (aka Planet) entity that aggregates (or includes) ExternalBlog. As in BlogAggregator aggregates ExternalBlog.

The BlogAggregator has a refresh_interval and a latest_update attributes.

When one accesses the primary view of a BlogAggregator, if time >= refresh_interval+latest_update then the feeds are collected again (respecting caching directives sent by external blogs would be nice).

The primary view for a BlogAggregator is the same as the primary view for a Blog, except that BlogEntries are the ones fetched from the Blogs it aggregates.

Note: if Blogs are available via Atom/RSS and not SIOC, it has to work anyway.

Note: could we simplify this and make ExternalBlog a Blog? The problem is that an ExternalBlog is defined by a URL feed, whereas Blog is local and defined only by a title. Would "BlogAggregator aggregates URL" solve this?

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