cubicweb-trackervcs #3192189 Bad RQL expression for patch list [validation pending]

I got an error when I want to display the patch list I've to review (

Any P,GROUP_CONCAT(PO),P,P,PB,PS,COUNT(TR),R,T,V GROUPBY R,P,PB,PS,T,V ORDERBY RT,PB WHERE P patch_revision RE, RE author PO, RE branch PB, P in_state PS, RE from_repository R, R title RT, U eid %(u)s, ((EXISTS(PS name "pending-review", P patch_reviewer U)) OR (EXISTS(PS name "reviewed", P patch_committer U))) OR (EXISTS(PS name IN("reviewed", "deleted"), NOT EXISTS(P patch_committer U), (EXISTS(R repository_committer U)) OR (EXISTS(U in_group G, G name "committers")))), P patch_ticket T?, T done_in V?
** variable TR used in selection is not referenced by any relation
done in1.1.3
load left0.000
closed by#f2281fac9023 [views] Fix user worklist (closes #3192189)
patch[views] Fix user worklist (closes #3192189) [applied]