cubicweb-brainomics #3316011 Add a view to generate a HTML table from an rset [done]

We would like to be able to build an HTML table out of Python dictionary with eids and values.

More specifically, we want to take, as inputs:

  • a dictionary with one key for each table row, such that the value of each key is a dictionary, with one key for each column. The value of such a key should be the value one wishes to put in the table cell.
  • a string holding the yams entity type of the entities which occupy the first cell on each row,

and to generate, as output, an HTML table.

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closed by#12633f30d0bc [views/secondary] Add HTML table aggregated view (closes #3316011).
patch[views/secondary] Add HTML table aggregated view (closes #3316011). [applied]