cubicweb-postgis #3354418 Geometry (and Geography) relations metadata added by postcreate [validation pending]

I just discovered the migration/ script, which add metadata on the entities that are subject of relations having a Geometry object.

So I conclude that any Geometry attribute on an entity needs those metadata (some sql constraints for example).

If I understand correctly, attributes of type "Geometry" added AFTER the cube addition to the instance will NOT be concerned by this metadata addition, and it does not feel right.

Since the metadata addition is made in a separate function (in postgis/, I can only guess that it was meant to be used from another place to support adding Geometry attributes in migrations.

The pending question is concerning the Geography type. Should the same metadatas be added ?

done in0.4.0
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patchAdapt to CW 3.22 API concerning custom schema type handling [applied]