cubicweb #3366108 [wsgi] Provide a way for cubicweb not to catch exceptions [open]

I'm trying to get cubicweb wsgi working with canary to pipe all structured tracebacks to logstash and be able to explore that data with kibana

Usecases :

  • in development, do a wget --mirror on your upgraded site or site in development and see what tracebacks it finds
  • in production, have a way to monitor the tracebacks that doesn't require to parse the all-in-one logs produced by cubicweb (need to restructure, and no context)

When adding canary to my working wsgi setup (with apache2+mod_wgsi) logstash doesn't receive any information about the tracebacks (0/0 for example). I guess it's (mainly) because of web/ which catches BaseException and generates a nice HTML page with it. Commenting that piece of code gets me to see some exceptions. But I think there are other places/levels where the exceptions are caught (twisted for example).

Having this kind of feature in wsgi or in cubicweb would be nice.

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