cubicweb #342831 jpl-extra : clients should have the possibility to move Tickets into a Version [resolved]

Clients have no possibility to move Tickets into a Version while modifying them.

The problem must come from the "done_in" add permission : ('managers', 'staff', restricted_oexpr('O in_state ST, ST name "planned"', 'client'),).

Here is the approximate call stack :

cubicweb/web/views/ (editable_attributes(self, entity))

cubicweb/entities/ (relations_by_category(self, categories=None, permission=None ))

cubicweb/entities/, permission, fromeid=eid)

cubicweb/ (ERSchema_has_perm)

The following test fails in cubicweb/ RRQLExpression.check

if 'O' in self.rqlst.defined_vars:
    if toeid is None:
       return False
done in3.5.0
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