cubicweb-blog #344281 subscribe action on a Blog bug when multiple blogs exist [resolved]

On, we have 2 blogs:

I get several 'rss' icons on these pages:

  • the icon at the top right and bottom left of the page, as well as the icon in the title bar leed me to a feedburner page for the correct blog
  • the icon in the "latest blogs" box leeds me to 'Any X,T,CD ORDERBY CD DESC WHERE X is BlogEntry, X title T, X creation_date CD' for both Blogs which I find a bit disturbing (though on reflection, I can find a rational behind this). Imo, when displaying a blog, that box should contain the latest entries for that blog only, and the rss link should be filtered on the blog

As for the feedburner page, why can't I get a real RSS XML document ?

done in1.7.4
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