cubicweb #344308 validation error messages should use translations [resolved]

When a validation error occurs during the edition of a entity, a message is displayed explaining which field/relation of which entity is incorrect. However, the internal names from within the schema are used, which makes it difficult to understand what is wrong.


paid_for: L'entité #3952 de type ExpenseLine doit nécessairement être reliée à une
autre via la relation paid_for

On my screen, paid_for appears nowhere, and I have to guess that the field is labelled "pour le compte" which is not immediate (and I actually had to navigate in the application schema to get that information, which is not what the typical user will do). Same thing for ExpenseLine, althought the translation ('Ligne de Dépense') is a bit easier for someone who understands english.

done in3.3.3
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