cubicweb #344340 schema views enhancement [rejected]

on the main schema views:

  • the "box" view of the schema was valuable, get it back in another tab (which should imo be the default tab)
  • make final entities disappear from table
  • add another table (or tab) for relation type
  • for allowed users (eg managers), add tab including the view resuming schema security
  • link to download as owl

on entity schema view:

  • find a way to properly display constraints
  • schema security tabs should use nicer display from formerly cited view
  • one table for subject relations, another for object relations
  • proper translation of relations according to role
  • "box" view
  • workflow tab should only be there for relevant entity
  • permission tab should only be there for allowed users
  • imo it would be nice to have the image on top of the main tab, together with detailed description tables.

also, move schema view stuff from startup and management module to cw/web/views/ and update relation type / relation definition schema view.

done in3.8.0
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