cubicweb #344399 suggestions to clarify and enhance the new schama view [rejected]

I have a few problems with the new schema views.

e.g. on

  • the tabs label have no meaning to me (probably a missing translation)

on the schema text tab:

  • the columns labels on the Attributes table are wrong : col 1 should be 'name', col 2 should be 'type'
  • the columns labels on the Relations table are wrong : col 1 should be 'name', col 3 should be 'target type' (?), col 7 should be ('relation direction' (?)
  • some things are unbeatable (sic) : values of col 4 of attributes table, col 4 and 6 of Relations table
  • what is the number in parenthesis of the last column of both tables?
  • col 2 of Relations table is confusing, because to understand the cardinality, you have to refer to col 7 in order to understand which end of the relation has which cardinality. Both columns should be merged into one for clarity, and while we are at it col 3 is redundant too and should be merged with that new column
  • please make things navigable : I want to click on the content of col 3 in Relations table and get the schema for the selected entity, same thing for col 4 of Attributes table

on the schema image tab:

  • please make things clickable

on the workflow image tab

  • provide a text view, the text in the image is too small and I can't read it
  • change the big unreadable balloons to a shorter text and make them clickable to navigate to the expanded version
  • if this is not enough, consider a vertical layout of the graph: in any application, vertical scrolling is easy with the mouse, horizontal scrolling is a pain
done in3.8.0
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