cubicweb-card #3529512 http:// link broken [open]

A card is created this way:
session.create_entity('Card', content_format=u'text/html', title=u'foo', content=foo)

where "foo":
>>> foo
u'<h2><strong>Copyright</strong></h2>\n\n<p>The following applies to scientific data published on this site:\n\xa9 Copyright 2013 <a href="">CEA</a> <a href="">INSERM</a></p>\n\n<h2><strong>How...'

In the resulting card the second "http://" is broken:

© Copyright 2013 <a href="">CEA</a> / <a href="http://">INSERM</a></p>

See how the second "http://" is changed into "http://http://".

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