cubicweb #3590335 broken jquery-json plugin [validation pending]

I didn't dig to figure out when this was broken but

var d = new Date('2000-01-01');
json_data = $.toJSON(d);

raises an exception. $.toJSON() is provided by the jquery-json plugin. The following code

var d = new Date('2000-01-01');
json_data = JSON.stringify(d);

should work but doesn't due to jquery-json "monkeypatching" the Date type with a broken toJSON() method. The above snippet does work if jquery.json.js is not loaded.

Bottom line, I think we should just chuck it out and use the standard JSON.stringify() instead. says it's available in all browsers going back to IE 8.

done in3.19.0
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closed by#c170ec8a4525 [web/data] Remove broken jquery-json plugin (closes #3590335)
patch[web/data] Remove broken jquery-json plugin (closes #3590335) [applied]