cubicweb #3670569 url rewriter shall not unquote url [open]

The unquoting shall occures at the very last moment.

usecase: cubicweb-tracker

There is a url rewriter that allows REST path like project/cubicweb-tracker/1.16.0. The rewriter uses regexps to match the project name and the version number:

class TrackerURLRewriter(SchemaBasedRewriter):
    rules = [
       build_rset(rql='Version X WHERE X version_of P, P name %(project)s, X num %(num)s',
                  rgxgroups=[('project', 1), ('num', 2)]))]

We have troubles when the version number, a simple string, is 2014/03/20. While we expect that the url is quoted project/cubicweb-tracker/2014%2F03%2F20, actually the regexp matcher recives an unquoted url.


the generated rql expression shall still contains unquoted url parts.

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