cubicweb #3683762 improve documentation about insert/set [open]

Dimitri says:

If I may suggest a few changes to the documentation: * change the documentation to "V1 relationship (V2 | <value>)", * explain that "relationship" stands for either "attribute" or "relation", * explain the case of an entity with many attributes/relations, * add an example of an entity with many attributes.

I had also the answer by myself after some experimentation. However it took quite some time to understand the error message when trying to insert a "CWsource" entity instead of the correct "CWSource". Try it for yourself. The error message is rather cryptic. Could it maybe be improved?

Christophe adds:

Just being pedantic, but attributes are actually final relations. This could be a place to remind that, OR add a global glossary so the term 'relation' is always a link to a short definition of what a relation is.

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