cubicweb-brainomics #3705525 Add container [validation pending]

It may be interesting to add container cube to Brainomics to deal with the security:

  • a container for the subject and its related elements:

    • Scorevalue;
    • Diagnostic;
    • Therapy;
    • Admission/AdmissionStep;
    • DrugTake;
  • a container for each assessment and its related elements:

    • Measure;
    • ScoreValue;
    • Files
done in0.9.0
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closed by#624c8da7636c [tests] Add container structure tests, closes #3705525
patch[importers] Add helpers functions for creating container relations, related to #3705525 [applied][tests] Add container structure tests, closes #3705525 [applied][tests] Factor database entity creation into a reusable function, related to #3705525 [applied][schema] Update the schema thus: [applied]