cubicweb-vcwiki #3762642 Wiki content path extension mess [validation pending]

The URL of a wiki page does not contain the extension of the file. This is (arguably) considered a feature (URLs are nicer and users may change their wiki's content from ReST to markdown or html without changing any URL).

However, the consequence of this is that the view controller must sometimes try 2 different path:

  • the path extended with the VCWiki.content_file_extension to find a wiki page, if any
  • if previous trial failed, the original path to find a non page content (like an image or so).

The code that does this is hidden in too low level entity methods instead of the view controller. This must be refactored.

User visible consequences of this mess are even worse when combined to bug #3734064:

  • when two files have the same name except that one has the content
ReST / HTML errors:System Message: WARNING/2 (&lt;string&gt; , line 22)</p>
Bullet list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
vcwiki content file extension added, the one without extension is delivered
  • when the file without extension is deleted, the corresponding versioned file is chosen but no content is found and a creation link is displayed for the page although the file with extension exists.
done in0.2.0
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closed by#558339642fce [schema] Constrain file extension minimal size. Closes #3762642.
patchMake it clear when the wiki's content file extension needs to be added. [applied][schema] Constrain file extension minimal size. Closes #3762642. [applied]