cubicweb #3803685 improve a bit the main visual [validation pending]

see screenshot

done in3.20.0
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closed by#67c947b4d2c9 [views] visual refactorings (closes #3803685)
patch[view] add a icon_class class attribute on View (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/facets] put the hide/show behaviour on the title <span> instead of the whole <div> (related to #3803685) [rejected][views] no need to 'float' the tableview action menu (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/table] by default we show the filter form (related to #3803685) [rejected][box/css] increase a bit the boxTitle height (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/bookmarks] use icon for bookmark deletion (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/css] define defaultBgColor and defaultAltColor uiprops for css (related to #3803685) [rejected][css] make tableview actionbox popup visual be the same as other popups (related to #3803685) [rejected][views] provide icon classes for actions (related to #3803685) [rejected][css] lighter hr (related to #3803685) [rejected][views] add icons for bookmark action items in popup menu (related to #3803685) [rejected][css] remove bullets from <li> elements (related to #3803685) [rejected][views] make "manage bookmarks" a 'tool' icon in the title bar of the box (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/facets] rework the rendering of the facets (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/pagination] display the pagination, displayAllLink and tableActionsBox on one line (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/paginate] use pictograms for the pagination (related to #3803685) [rejected][views/css] add a series of 'right-icon-xxx' classes (related to #3803685) [rejected][views] visual refactorings (closes #3803685) [rejected]