apycot #3804730 narvalbot cannot find the checkers / preprocessors if they are installed through python setup.py [validation pending]

Apycot can be used in three different ways:

  • If working in a development environment, the tests can find checkers and preprocessors in the checkers / preprocessors modules which are added to the path in apycot's __init__.py (the cube).
  • If working in an environment where packages are installed the debian way, the checkers' path ('/usr/share/narval') is added to the script running narval.
  • If installed through 'python setup.py' in a non-standard environment, the checkers may not be found in the standard folder, which is an issue

This last case is an issue as the tests in cubicweb/jpl are launched in such a setup. There should be a way to specify a path manually or to search incrementally for the checkers / preprocessors

done in3.0.0
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closed by#2a12802efe66 [narval] ensure narval plugins can be imported (closes #3804730)
patch[narval] ensure narval plugins can be imported (closes #3804730) [applied]