cubicweb-collaboration #3827683 discard custom permissions arguments from `setup_security` method [validation pending]

Current signature of setup_security method (as of version 0.2.0):

def setup_security(self, schema, container_eperms=None,
                   in_container_eperms=None, container_rperms=None,

Here the sole purpose of keyword arguments is to avoid permissions to be set by collaboration on entity types (be it the container itself or those in container scope) and relation definitions. This is arguably quite paradoxical.

In my opinion, they clutter the API and their handling makes things unnecessarily complicated, so I think they should be dropped. Current users of this "functionality" should instead override specific methods (i.e. setup_container_etype_security and setup_container_rtypes_security) directly as these are exposed exactly for this purpose.

done in1.0.0
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closed by#2f9d453e8694 Drop keyword arguments from setup_security method
patchMove container entity type permissions setup in setup_container_etype_security method [applied]Drop keyword arguments from setup_security method [applied]Drop keyword arguments from setup_security method [applied]