cubicweb #3853432 upgrade 3.17.14 -> 3.18.4 [rejected]

Last night our workstations have been automatically upgraded by apt from CubicWeb 3.17.14 to 3.18.4.

Following the CubicWeb upgrade, while trying to upgrade instance, we get errors:

 File "/home/cl239099/cubicweb/cubes/brainomics/views/", line 272, in registration_callback
    from cubicweb.web.views.actions import GotRhythmAction
ImportError: cannot import name GotRhythmAction
instance test110 not upgraded: cannot import name GotRhythmAction

We are unable to uprade the instances. As a workaround we will attempt to downgrade back to 3.17.14.

done in3.18.7
load left0.000
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patch[debian] add Breaks on cubicweb-brainomics << 0.9.0 [rejected]