cubicweb-brainomics #4268953 FileSet cannot be view when linked to Tag [open]

Combining FileSet and Tag (from tag cube) generates an error in views containing several FileSets:
une erreur est survenue
CubicWeb version: 3.19.3
Cube brainomics version: 0.11.3
Cube medicalexp version: 0.12.2
Cube squareui version: 0.3.6
Cube bootstrap version: 0.6.4
Cube card version: 0.5.3
Cube clinipath version: 0.2.1
Cube comment version: 1.10.0
Cube container version: 2.6.0
Cube file version: 1.16.0
Cube genomics version: 0.10.0
Cube jqplot version: 0.4.1
Cube neuroimaging version: 0.7.0
Cube questionnaire version: 0.7.0
Cube tag version: 1.8.1
To reproduce the problem with only brainomics and tag involved, I did the following:
Add a dependency to tag cube in brainomic's
Add the following code to brainomics
  class tags(RelationDefinition):
      subject = 'Tag'
      object = ('FileSet',)
Execute the following code in cubicweb-ctl shell ...:
rql('INSERT Tag X: X name "the Tag"')
rql('INSERT FileSet X: X name "one FileSet"')
rql('SET X tags Y WHERE X is Tag, Y is FileSet')
rql('INSERT FileSet X: X name "another FileSet"')
Then, using "FileSet X" in the web search field generates the error.
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