pyramid-cubicweb #4291173 First step [resolved]

The goal is to be able to run a cubicweb instance on top of a pyramid application.

  • The cw code will transparently rely on the pyramid authentication and session api
  • The cubicweb standard handler will be bypassed as much as possible without loosing bw compatibility for existing cubes
  • One bw incompatibility : all code related to webauthretriever will be inactive. Pyramid ports of those will be needed.

What won't be done : - Controllers/views selection by pyramid directly - replacement of the cw url resolvers

done in0.1.0
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patchDB-saved session data [applied]Add a make_cubicweb_application function [applied]Fix session closing for cubicweb 3.19 [applied]Convert cubicweb.NotFound to HTTPNotFound [applied]Use registry['cubicweb.registry'] instead of registry['cubicweb.appli'].vreg because the application may not be present. [applied]Use a predicate based view selection for handling /login [applied]Use a tween application instead of a catchall route. [applied]Document the view problem hypothesis. [applied]If the postlogin_path is 'login', redirect to '/' instead [applied]Put the login view in a separate module. [applied]Separate into 4 modules [applied]Update the TODO list [applied]Provide instructions and a requirements list to quickly start the sample [applied]Use the pyramid session object as the cubiweb (needs a patched cw 3.19) [applied]Add comments on parts we want to reconsider later [applied]Skip core_handle, add a context manager to handle cubicweb errors [applied]Documents dependencies on a ubuntu system [applied]Use short-lived cubicweb sessions to let pyramid actually handle the web sessions [applied]Isolate the default handler and extend its role [applied]Add a basic sample application [applied]Integration pyramid and cubicweb authentication. [applied]Initial implementation [applied]Project Structure [applied]