cubicweb-squareui #4538123 MainTemplate is awkward for "standard" cw apps [validation pending]

Most CW applications try to cram a lot of information on a single page, usually using tables with many columns.

The current template provided by squareui has two shortcomings:

  • it uses a container class which uses a fixed width (at around 1000px), even when the user's browser is maximized/in full screen mode,
  • it uses the col-md class on columns which reflows the main content below the left column when the window width drops below a certain threshold (around 800px).

By using container-fluid and col-xs CSS classes, the template could be made more compatible with CubicWeb's default template.

(See linked ticket for screenshots of proposed changes)

done in1.0.0
load left0.000
closed by#c825185c17fe [basetemplates] Use a size of 2 for side columns (closes #4538123)
patch[basetemplates] Use a size of 2 for side columns (closes #4538123) [applied][basetemplates] Use col-xs instead of col-md (related to #4538123) [applied][basetemplates] Use container-fluid instead of container (related to #4538123) [applied]