cubicweb #4606394 sqlserver: crash on 3.18 migration [validation pending]

dropping view (index should be cascade-deleted) utv_cw_modeswitch_cw_defines_switch_of_cw_destination_mode_cw_origin_mode
recreate unique indexes for CWSourceHostConfig
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\", line 162, in run_arg
status = cmdmeth(appid)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\", line 787, in upgrade_instance
mih.migrate(vcconf, reversed(toupgrade), self.config)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 178, in migrate
super(ServerMigrationHelper, self).migrate(vcconf, toupgrade, options)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\", line 181, in migrate
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 184, in cmd_process_script
migrscript, funcname, *args, **kwargs)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\", line 350, in cmd_process_script
execfile(migrscript, scriptlocals)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\misc\migration\", line 140, in <module>
session.execute(rql, args)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 371, in wrapper
return func(cnx, *args, **kwargs)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 381, in check_open
return func(cnx, *args, **kwargs)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 1022, in execute
rset = self._execute(self, rql, kwargs, build_descr)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 592, in execute
results = plan.execute()
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 176, in execute
result = step.execute()
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 454, in execute
result = self.plan.insert_entity_defs()
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 422, in insert_entity_defs
for edef in row])
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 1179, in glob_add_entity'before_add_entity', cnx, entity=entity)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 412, in call_hooks
registry.call_hooks(event, cnx, **kwargs)
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\server\", line 333, in call_hooks
File "E:\Pylos\pegase\cubicweb\hooks\", line 259, in __call__
ValidationError: 4922276 (name-subject): the value "unique_6adf95a8313bcf021f610d44b0fea416" is already used, use another one
instance pegase not upgraded: 4922276 (name-subject): the value "unique_6adf95a8313bcf021f610d44b0fea416" is already used, use another one

done in3.19.9
load left0.000
closed by<not specified>