pyramid-cubicweb #4811298 Allow to pass pyramid settings [resolved]

Currently there are no way to provide alternate session factory or auth policy.

Here is what my upcoming patch does:

If a 'pyramid.ini' file is found in the application home directory, its 'main' section is passed as the 'settings' parameter to the pyramid configurator constructor.

Additionnally, the following cubicweb-specific configuration values can be set:

cubicweb.defaults = yes*|no
Enable the inclusion of pyramid_cubicweb.defaults.
cubicweb.bwcompat = yes*|no
Enable the backward compatibility layer
cubicweb.includes = <list of dotted paths>
Same as 'pyramid.includes', but the includes are done after the registry cubicweb.* entries are initialised.
done in0.2.0
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patch[config] Read pyramid settings in a 'pyramid.ini' file [applied]