cubicweb #5040345 spurius CORS warning [resolved]

On some instances, log output is littered with CORS logs such as

2014-12-11 12:14:56 - (cubicweb.web) INFO: Cross origin resource sharing failed: access-control-allow-origin is not configured

After digging around, the instance is hosted on a system whose FQDN contains uppercased letters. The issue is that web browsers automatically rewrite the host-name part of the URL in lowercased letters, thus using a different host-name than the one CubicWeb computes.

IETF's RFC 4343 says that comparison of hostnames should be case-insensitive.

There are 2 ways of solving this problem:

  • turn all host-name (and derived variables) comparisons case-insensitive
  • lowercase the host-name (or possibly the host-name part of base_url)
done in3.19.10
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closed by#996cf2c0ec99 [config] Lowercase the FQDN we get from the OS (closes #5040345)
patch[config] Lowercase the FQDN we get from the OS (closes #5040345) [applied]