cubicweb-signedrequest #5043045 strange schema/hooks design [resolved]

There are some hooks that could just be implemented as permissions (or maybe constraints) in the schema. For instance:

  • hook "signedrequest.updateauthtoken" could (should?) be implemented as a permissions on attribute token
  • hook "signedrequest.set_token_for_user" which forces (silently overrides) the object of token_for_user relation to be the current user could be a combination of permissions an constraints

It's not clear why this is like that, except if it's an early design residual.

done in0.2.0
load left0.000
closed by#3df1a70fcaeb Replace "updateauthtoken" hook by permissions on token attribute
patchDrop "set_token_for_user" hook in favor of permissions on the relation [applied]Replace "updateauthtoken" hook by permissions on token attribute [applied]