cubicweb-datacatgeo #5266636 Display geographical information on the Dataset page [in-progress]

As a catalog consumer, when I open the description of a Dataset which have a spatial extent, I want to see this spatial extent on a map.

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patchHarvest RDF DCAT Location entities [reviewed]Add function to compute fetch URLs for RDF DCAT [reviewed]Extract a function which transform ext entities [applied]Handle situation where fetch URL is not correct [applied]Add function to update Location entities from SpatialThing ext entities [rejected]Meta uris can now be declared on source references [applied][views] Make Dataset tabbed primary view Leaflet aware [applied][views] Add component that displays geospatial data into a Leaflet map [applied]Add function to compute xy attribute in ext entities flow [applied][views] Override Dataset pview with Leaflet map of Locations [folded]Compute lat/long attribute on ext entities. [rejected]Add tools to get latitude and longitude from an RDF resource. [rejected][rdfprocessor] Add rule to derive subject type from predicate domain. [applied]Add function to make an ExtEntity Geometry attribute conforms to schema. [applied]Handle Geometry type check and conversion. [applied]Do not add triples when subject is literal in RDFProcessor. [applied]Allow to load multiple definitions in RDFProcessor. [applied][schema] Add Location entity. [applied][monkeypatch] Enable Postgis to store geospatial data. [rejected]Turn standalone harvest functions into Harvester object. [rejected]Add method to clean WKT attribute on external entity. [rejected]Add method to derive subject types from predicate domains in RDF graph. [rejected]| Add name to Location ext entities in DCAT RDF graph. [folded]| Check geometry attribute on fetched ext entities. [folded]| Add WKT data to Location ext entities in DCAT RDF graph. [folded]| Infer dct:Location type from dct:spatial predicate. [rejected]| Harvest Location and related entities. [folded][monkeypatch] Add Postgis when initializing repo. [folded]