pyramid-cubicweb #5491680 app breakdown [in-progress]

015-06-16 10:12:46 - (pyramid_cubicweb.core) ERROR: Failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/aurelien/confs/actiondart/pyramid_cubicweb/pyramid_cubicweb/", line 327, in get_principals
session = repo_connect(request, repo, eid=login)
File "/home/aurelien/confs/actiondart/pyramid_cubicweb/pyramid_cubicweb/", line 261, in repo_connect
user = tools.cached_build_user(repo, eid)
File "/home/aurelien/confs/actiondart/pyramid_cubicweb/pyramid_cubicweb/", line 60, in cached_build_user
user = repo._build_user(cnx, eid)
File "/home/aurelien/confs/actiondart/cubicweb/server/", line 489, in _build_user
assert len(rset) == 1, rset
AssertionError: <empty resultset Any X,AA,AB,AC,AD WHERE X is_instance_of CWUser, X login AA, X firstname AB, X surname AC, X modification_date AD, X eid %(x)s>

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patchadd GET, POST, PUT and DELETE views [rejected][core/security] if the connection fail for the cookie user, forget it (closes #5491680). [folded]