cubicweb #5507479 Logout reads base-url in all-in-one.conf, what about https-url tag ? [validation pending]

I have an application that has https-url set properly and base-url commented in the file all-in-one.conf.

However, for technical reasons, the server's name registered in /etc/hosts for its public IP differs from the name used in https-url.
As a result, when I logout from my application, I see that my browser is trying to reach that wrong name.
I do not know much about why the server is set this way, but this name is not reachable from internet, so my logout (which successfully log me out by the way) fails to redirect me.

If I am right, I only need a patch in cubicweb.web.views.basecontrollers.LogoutController.goto_url()
Instead of:
return self._cw.build_url('view', vid='loggedout', base_url=self._cw.vreg.config['base-url'])
return self._cw.build_url('view', vid='loggedout', base_url=self._cw.vreg.config.get('https-url') or self._cw.vreg.config['base-url'])

I use Cubicweb 3.20.7 (cset 359d68bc12602c73559531b09d00399f4cbca785)


done in3.20.8
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