cubicweb #552878 rql bug with NOT EXISTS [deprecated]

rql('Any X, C WHERE X is Pac, CR for_workcase X, CR with_company C, CR type "client", NOT EXISTS(AC applied_to C, AC included_in C7, C7 applied_to_field "code_naf")').rows


2009-11-25 14:51:19 - (cubicweb.sources.system) CRITICAL: sql: 'SELECT _X.cw_eid, _CR.cw_with_companynFROM cw_CaseRelation AS _CR, cw_Pac AS _XnWHERE _CR.cw_for_workcase=_X.cw_eid AND _CR.cw_type=%(66950872)s AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM applied_to_relation AS rel_applied_to0, cw_Keyword AS _AC, cw_Classification AS _C7 WHERE rel_applied_to0.eid_from=_AC.cw_eid AND _CR.cw_with_company=rel_applied_to0.eid_to AND _AC.cw_included_in=_C7.cw_eid AND _C7.cw_applied_to_field=%(66950784)s UNION SELECT 1 FROM applied_to_relation AS rel_applied_to1, cw_CodeKeyword AS _AC WHERE rel_applied_to1.eid_from=_AC.cw_eid AND _CR.cw_with_company=rel_applied_to1.eid_to AND _AC.cw_included_in=_C7.cw_eid AND _C7.cw_applied_to_field=%(66950784)s)'

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